At a time he was meant to be celebrating his 26th birthday, Brandon* found himself with a bad cough and a tight chest that at times made speaking or breathing, a struggle.

It is said that healthcare workers are at the forefront of the fight against the Coronavirus, however a young medical doctor is of the view that everyone, can make a difference in the fight against the Coronavirus.

After at least eight years as the acting Director-General of the Government Communication and Information System, Phumla Williams has now been given the nod by Cabinet to officially take over the reins at the GCIS.

The decision to uphold the ban on the sale of cigarettes as the fight against COVID-19 continues, has many citizens fired up and wondering if government is not encroaching on civil liberties.

South Africa, together with the rest of the African continent, has handled the COVID-19 pandemic well, given the circumstances that the world finds itself under.

In an era where the protection of women and the girl child is a constant goal to reach, one cannot help but wonder what is being done to groom a generation of young men who will not only respect, but protect the women of our country. Over the years, South Africa has seen an increase in the scourge of violence against women and children.

The first term of the 2020 academic year will draw to a close soon, bringing an end to a term that has brought trauma and grief for several Gauteng parents, learners and teachers alike.

The National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) has worked hard to turnaround its fortunes from the glaring negative spotlight it found itself under a few years ago - to become an institution keen on moving with the times and requirements of young people in a state of constant change.

While the South African economy has over the last couple of years taken a beating, her people continue to rise above often difficult circumstances.

Ruffles, top hats and dazzling outfits have over the years become synonymous with the State of the Nation Address and while government has implemented austerity measures given the position the country finds itself in, many will be watching the address, to catch a glimpse of the much-loved traditions that accompany the SONA.

Many people across the globe today are remembering the day in which former President Nelson Mandela raised his fist in the air as he made his way out of the Victor Verster prison, in a move that would alter the history of South Africa.

South Africans will turn on their television and radio sets to listen to President Cyril Ramaphosa deliver his State of the Nation Address (SONA), on Thursday, 13 February, which is expected to highlight the priorities of the newly constituted sixth administration.

Being raised by a single mother who was unemployed for a long time and coming from a community entrenched in poverty - no one was expecting Tlotlo Lekgoba to be a labelled as a top achiever in her matric year.

South Africa’s power grid has over recent years experienced sporadic power cuts that have had a wide-ranging impact on the country’s fragile economic growth prospect, however the recent Investment Conference is proving that there is light at the end of the tunnel.

An occasional glass of wine or favourite beer is an acceptable means in which to unwind after a hard week of work, however a glass too many of one’s favourite poison is leading too many down the rabbit hole.


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