The proof of the pudding lies in the eating, they say. For the 10 million South Africans who are unemployed, the outcomes of the recent Jobs Summit provide a beacon of hope – but only if the implementation agreed upon is followed through, writes Keamogetse Kgomanyane.

The Department of Labour’s Supported Employment Enterprises (SEE) is helping to improve the employment prospects for people with disabilities.

The Oxford Dictionary defines corruption as “dishonesty” or an “illegal behaviour”. Full stop. It ends there.

Government leaders, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) doyens, academics, researchers, exhibitors and industry geeks with an interest in all things technological, recently converged in the sunny, seaside city of Durban.

Frank talk. Optimism. Pragmatism.These are the buzz words African states will have to embrace if the continent is to make tangible strides in eradicating alarming poverty rates and propel stubborn economic growth.

The Department of Social Development’s Gender-Based Violence Command Centre is making waves.

When one has to make a simple decision on which wine to have with tonight’s dinner - our vocab generally stretches as far as “red” or “white.” And words such as “Enology” and “Viticulture” surely are hardly a part of that equation. Or for some, these really big words may not even feature in our vocab at all – choosing rather to just sip on our wine and enjoy the moment.

Finger pricking to determine glucose levels in diabetic patients may be a thing of the past if a new research by the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research becomes successful.

The years 2017 and 2018 will probably be remembered as the most challenging years for gender relations in South Africa with several stories of gender-based violence having dominated the news during this period.

The most common dilemma facing whistleblowers and members of the public, who want to report corruption, is fear for their safety and victimisation.

For most people, socks are just an item of clothing worn on the feet and there is really nothing fancy about that.

They said South Africa didn’t belong in BRIC.

New jobs generally come with the angst and pressure of making a good first impression. But, what does one’s anxiety and pressure barometer look like when your new boss is actually the President of the country?

As government, non-governmental organisations, the faith-based community and ordinary citizens get ready to participate in the #100MenMarch next week, it should serve as a reminder that it takes a village to protect our future kings and queens.

After struggling to find a stable job for more than three years, Nelisiwe Gabini decided to start her own events planning company in Bronkhorstspruit, a small town about 50 kilometres east of Tshwane.


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