Tainted supply chain processes have for the longest time been regarded as the genesis of bleeding the fiscus of Billions of Rands in wasted expenditure.

State land alone is simply not enough to redress land reform. In a country where the majority of the population is black – it is a bitter pill to swallow that only 1-2% of black farmers operate in the commercial space, writes Keamogetse Kgomanyane.

A few moments of pain and emotion stand out in South Africa’s young democracy. One of these was an image of Emeritus Archbishop Desmond Tutu being overcome by emotion during the highly-charged Truth and Reconciliation Commission in the 1990s where testimonies of South Africa’s difficult past – how apartheid activists went missing and how some were executed by ruthless police officers – were narrated.

When apartheid negotiations reached a sensitive stage in the late 1980s, former President Nelson Mandela was taken to a hospital, where he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. This was on 12 August 1988. Three months later, and after receiving treatment at two hospitals, the former statesman was then transferred to a house at Victor Verster Prison near Paarl, where he spent the last 14 months of his imprisonment.

The State of the Nation Address (SONA) should excite everybody, especially those who pay taxes and those who exercise their democratic right to vote. They should be interested in knowing what government’s plan of action for the year ahead is.

A popular idiom speaks of how it is darkest before dawn envelopes. It’s an expression of hope. It inspires the afflicted to persevere as reprieve looks to be on the horizon.

As the digital age transforms the way in which people live, it will also have an impact on the economy and on jobs. New trades with new skills will be created and some jobs that are currently being done by humans will be replaced by automated systems.

No amount of money in the world will change Makgathatso Lydia Maseko’s mind about what she wants to do with the rest of her life.

For many, leaving a secure job to venture into the unknown world of business, is a scary thought. But businesswoman Portia Mngomezulu, chose to put her faith in her dreams.

Avela Faya was only 14 years old when she lost her mother and her uncle at the hands of her adopted brother.

Having realised that while having limited resources can mean having limited opportunities in life - especially for those living with disabilities - a group of four physio therapists from the Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital chose to do something about it.

Often synonymous with Hollywood blockbuster movies and technological developments of a distant future, drones have shaken off stereotypical thoughts that they only belong on the big screen. These eyes in the sky are fast emerging as tools that are transforming the delivery of services to Gauteng residents.

Every blockbuster movie is characterised by two certain features: the good and the bad.

The proof of the pudding lies in the eating, they say. For the 10 million South Africans who are unemployed, the outcomes of the recent Jobs Summit provide a beacon of hope – but only if the implementation agreed upon is followed through, writes Keamogetse Kgomanyane.

The Department of Labour’s Supported Employment Enterprises (SEE) is helping to improve the employment prospects for people with disabilities.


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