South Africa’s living legends in the fields of arts say there is a need to revive all the different cultures and traditions that exist in South Africa to preserve the country’s rich heritage.

Former Miss South Africa, Suzette van der Merwe, can never forget the year 1990.

With most councils having been constituted following the 2016 Local Government Elections, the focus now shifts to another important aspect of the local government system in South Africa -- the formation of ward committees.

Anti-apartheid activist Caroline Dunga concedes that women did not enjoy all the rights enjoyed by their male counterparts during the apartheid years.

Durban - It was former President Nelson Mandela at the Aids conference in the year 2000, who used his influence to unite more than 12 000 delegates under one common goal.

In a country with over one million pregnant women each year and with an HIV prevalence of nearly 30 per cent, South Africa has made notable strides towards the prevention of mother to child HIV infections, writes Chris Bathembu.

In a community where over 50 percent of the population rely on government grants and over 20 percent of households live below the poverty line, a fish farming project in a rural Eastern Cape town is changing lives and has brought hope of a better future to many of its residents.

When Nteseng Mogorosi finished matric in 2004, he always knew that he wanted to be in business because he believed it would give him the freedom to own his life.

While many municipalities around the country are battling with various challenges - financial mismanagement being among the topmost - one small municipality in Gauteng is among those that are proving to be an inspiration to others..

By More Matshediso 

The Masango family lived in a dilapidated home with holes on the roof, all their lives. The home, made from corrugated metal-sheets, has long since ceased to keep out the rain, and is held together by cardboard and wood. This is the place the family has called home for many years.

Government has conceded that more than ever before, there’s now a pressing need for structural change in the South African economy.

For many people, an ocean is often associated with fun, relaxation, and escape. It is a place where families and loved ones visit to unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature. However, there is more that the oceans do than produce fish and serve as the centre of attraction for beach goers, writes Chris Bathembu.

Despite the recent wave of racist cases that had sought to divide us, South Africans are still good people committed to building an inclusive society based on human rights, writes Bathandwa Mbola.

Making a living in farming is not easy. For many small scale farmers, commercial farming is hard. For small farmers wanting to make a living in the sector, the challenges can almost seem insurmountable.


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