US lifts travel warnings against Zimbabwe

Friday, April 17, 2009

Harare - The United States has lifted travel warnings issued to its citizens against Zimbabwe in 2002.

The lifting of the travel warnings comes hardly a week after Japan lifted travel warnings on Zimbabwe and it is expected to open floodgates for tourist arrivals.

The message was officially communicated to Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) Chief Executive Karikoga Kaseke by US Embassy Consul James Jimenez at a meeting held at the ZTA offices Thursday afternoon.

Mr Kaseke said the US government, on the advice of its Embassy in Harare, has lifted the travel warnings it issued in 2002 and has since been reviewing consistently.

"We are very happy with the meeting we held with Mr Jimenez. He came to convey to us that his country had lifted travel warnings. This is what we have been fighting for over the years," Mr Kaseke said.

"Our politicians from the president, his vice presidents, prime minister and deputy prime minister have been very loud on the need to remove travel warnings and sanctions.

"We want to urge more countries to emulate the American Government and lift travel warnings as well as lift sanctions," he said.

Mr Kaseke challenged the banking sector and the tourism industry to move fast in return to the use of plastic money (credit cards) as tourists from America and Europe do not want to move around with a lot of cash.