Special features

Disability Rights Awareness Month

South Africa celebrates National Disability Rights Awareness Month

2014 Elections

South Africans voted in the general election on 7 May 2014.

Senior Certificate Examination 2013

Senior certificate examination 2013

The 2013 Grade 12s have achieved a 78.2% pass rate.

Social Development Month

Social Development Month

October has been declared Social Development Month.

Transport Month

SA marks Transport Month

Heritage Month

September marks the annual Heritage Month in South Africa. The theme for this year’s Heritage Month is ‘Reclaiming, restoring and celebrating our living heritage’.

Tourism Month

September is Tourism Month. The theme for 2013 is 'Tourism and water - protecting our common future'.

South Africa: A better place to live in

More than 1 million men and boys have been medically circumcised as part of the HIV prevention campaign… Read more

SA celebrates 20 Years of Freedom

South Africa celebrates 20 Years of Freedom and Democracy.

Women's Month

A Centenary of Working Together towards Sustainable Women Empowerment and Gender Equality