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Freedom Month

Freedom Month

South Africa celebrates Freedom Month during April. April will forever resonate in the history of our nation as the month that saw the first democratic elections in 1994 that gave birth to freedom and constitutional democracy in South Africa. This election marked turning point that saw the previously disadvantaged become part of the South African political processes. The country belongs to all who live in it.

The 1994 breakthrough promotes the values of freedom and democracy that are an integral part of our Constitutional democracy. Freedom Day is celebrated on 27 April in celebration of the historic participation of all the people of South African citizens in the first free and fair democratic elections

National Orders

The National Orders are normally conferred on Freedom Day 27 April in recognition of the outstanding achievements of ordinary South Africans and foreign nationals.

National Orders honour those who made sacrifices beyond measure and dedicated their lives so that we can enjoy our freedom today.

There are six categories of National Orders, each recognising unique achievements by South Africans or foreign nationals.

The values and ideals of Freedom are integrated into the Constitution

The spirit of the Freedom Charter lives in the ideals and principles of the Constitution.

These values and principles promote the advancement of economic justice and social equality

The principles, values and ideals of the Constitution must influence our behavior, conduct and attitude.

The Bill of Rights reaffirms that everyone has inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected.

We must continue to strengthen the freedoms and protections we enjoy under our Constitution.

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