Toll fee increases kick in

Monday, March 1, 2010

Pretoria - Motorists are advised that toll fees across the country have gone up as of Monday 1 March 2010.

The SA National Roads Agency (SANRAL) recently announced that from today, a trip from Pretoria to Durban in a light vehicle will cost an additional R8 one way.

Heavy duty vehicles will pay the most as the increase varies from R5.00 to more than R10.00 depending on the mass of the vehicle.

Going through the Tugela, Wilge, Mooi South and North, De Hoek Mainline and Bergville Ramp toll plazas, will cost motorists about R8.00 more.

A trip from Pretoria to Polokwane in a light vehicle will cost R7, 30 more in toll fees, taking the toll cost for a return trip to R213.

Light vehicles using the N4 in the North West will pay an extra R1 at Marikana, an extra R4 at Swartruggens, while fees at both Pelindaba and Brits remain R3.50 and R9 respectively.

On the N2, light vehicles will pay an extra R20 at Tsitsikama. The Oribi plaza tariff will increase from R17 to R18, Mtunzini from R27 to R29, while Tongaat and Mvoti will each have a 50 cent hike from R6.50 to R7 and R8.00 to R8.50 respectively.

On the N4 east, Diamond Hill - which costs R22 - will now cost R24 while Middelburg will cost an extra R2 from the current R37. Machado will get a R3 hike from R55 to R58, while Nkomazi tariff will increase from R42 to R44.

Driving from Joburg to Cape Town on the N1 will now cost R115 in toll fees. SANRAL said the increase was in line with the annual adjustments of toll fees.

CEO Nazir Alli said the toll financing enables government to add capacity (new highways or additional lanes) that cannot otherwise be funded under current and projected allocations from the fiscus.

"The 'user pays' principle is a constructive means of ensuring the delivery of a well maintained road infrastructure."