Supporters heed call

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Johannesburg - Scores of supporters of President Jacob Zuma are singing and dancing outside the South Gauteng High Court, where a full bench of judges is hearing arguments in the case relating to the portrait depicting the President in an offensive manner.

Inside, the courtroom, where the case is being heard, is filled to capacity and also present is one of the President's daughters.

Three judges are hearing the application by the African National Congress (ANC) and the President to compel the Goodman Gallery in Rosebank to take down the painting and the City Press newspaper to take the image off its website. Their main argument is that that the President is being depicted in a manner that impugns his constitutional rights, especially that of his right to dignity.

A stage has been set up outside the court so that the supporters can be kept abreast of the proceedings taking place in court 6E.

The supporters are unanimous in their belief that the painting should be destroyed and removed from all social networking sites.