Summit to chart EPWP future

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The sixth Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) Summit, which will give delegates an opportunity to express their experiences, ideas, challenges and successes, gets underway this week.

Hosted bi-annually, the summit's main focus is to reflect on how best to implement EPWP, which has, since its launch in 2004, provided millions of poor, unemployed and unskilled South Africans with training and work opportunities.

“EPWP participants will be given the opportunity to give testimonies about the impact of the EPWP in their lives,” the Department of Public Works said on Sunday.

The summit will be held from Tuesday until Wednesday at Saint George Hotel and Conference Centre, Irene, Pretoria.

The objectives of the summit will be to provide feedback on the consultations, planning and progress on the finalisation of the EPWP Phase 4 proposal. Phase 3 implementation is due to end in March 2019, ushering in Phase 4 of the Programme.

The summit will also report progress on the implementation of the 2016 summit resolutions, as well as further educating public bodies about EPWP recruitment guidelines.

EPWP is one of government’s medium- to long-term strategies to reduce unemployment and alleviate poverty through the creation of work opportunities using labour intensive methods. 

It is implemented in four sectors namely infrastructure, social, environment & culture and non-State. All spheres of government and State-owned entities are expected to implement the programme. 

EPWP participants work in different projects such as the Community Work Programme (CWP), Early Childhood Development programmes, home/community-based care programmes, extra school support programmes, Working on Fire, Working for Water and roads maintenance projects, among others. 

Through various skills and training that the participants receive from EPWP, they stand a better chance to enter the formal job market and/or become entrepreneurs. –