SALGA records six clean audits in a row

Friday, October 12, 2018

The South African Local Government Association (Salga) this week tabled its sixth consecutive clean audit Annual Report 2017/2018 to the Portfolio Committee on Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs. 

Salga has been achieving clean audits on both performance and financial information, as issued by the Auditor General of South Africa. 

The Portfolio Committee said Salga’s performance must be an example to its 257 member-municipalities of the desired state of good corporate governance in the local government sector, which can subsequently lead to a better life for all beneficiaries of municipal services. 

The Portfolio Committee further congratulated Salga for its good governance, which led to the sixth clean audit. 

Salga President Parks Tau delivered the annual report to the Portfolio Committee. He recommitted to continuously advance the developmental local government mandate. 

“While we remain cognisant of the challenges besetting the sector, we have to lead by example to our members by building an institution that is at the cutting-edge of high standards of good governance and accountability in the local government sector. 

“With the latest annual report, we are calling on our member municipalities to draw inspiration from how Salga as an organisation manages its business affairs. 

“It is every leader’s wish to preside over an achieving organisation, which is characterised by good governance principles, and indeed Salga is on the right trajectory,” Tau said.

 He extended gratitude to all those who contributed to the organisation’s continued good governance in executing Salga’s business affairs under the leadership of the Chief Executive Officer, Xolile George.

“It is no easy feat to manage a transitional phase of a faultless five-year strategic term, and still open a new one with a remarkable scorecard,” Tau said. 

George described Salga’s performance as “a show of good strength and sustainability” in its provision of strategic support to member municipalities.

“SALGA’s successes can be attributed to its ability to focus on establishing a sound regulatory environment, fiscal and financial management, capacity building and simulating innovation and systematic intelligence. 

“The organisational success resonates well with the organisational mission of being a credible and accountable institution to member-municipalities. 

“Salga has demonstrated its strength of being able to manage a transition following the 2016 municipal elections, which meant that the organisation adopted a new strategic agenda (Strategic Plan 2017-2022).

“The plan also recalls the spirit of the White Paper on Local Government and reignites local government’s commitment and plan to realise the Sustainable Local Government [vision],” George said. 

The Salga Strategic Plan 2017-2022 posits the organisation as the protector of local democracy, which enables both the rights of the local government sector and its ability to execute the developmental local government mandate. –