North West calls for caution ahead of Easter break

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

North West Premier, Professor Job Mokgoro, has called for caution on the country’s roads ahead of the Easter break.

“Roads in the North West province and the country in general will be abuzz with high volumes of traffic and we are making a humble plea to all road users - drivers, passengers and pedestrians, to be patient and tolerant towards each other on the road,” said the Premier on Monday.

In his message ahead of the Easter period kicking off on Friday, Mokgoro said the Easter period is one where many lives are lost on the country’s roads.

He urged motorists to drive cautiously, to stick to the speed limit, take rest intervals when tired and not to drink and drive.

“It is our own responsibility to ensure that we drastically decrease fatal crashes on our roads. Let’s work together with law enforcement authorities as their primary task is to ensure that we all travel safely and arrive alive,” he said.

Meanwhile, North West MEC for Rural, Environment, and Agricultural Development, Desbo Mohono, has wished communities in the province a joyous and safe Easter break.

“I would like to wish everyone a happy and blessed Easter holiday. To those who will be travelling to their annual religious pilgrimage and other destinations, I wish you a safe journey. Please obey the rules of the road,” she said.

The MEC has urged communities to use to break to rest and reflect.

“Let’s all use this break to reflect and contemplate on who we are and who we want to be. That can be from a religious viewpoint or not, but the contemplation of one’s personal renewal is a useful exercise for each and every one. Enjoy and come back after Easter break refreshed, motivated, encouraged and filled with new hope.”

Her department, she said, will continue its mandate of supporting key stakeholders in particular emerging farmers and everyone to ensure economic growth, transformation and agricultural development in its province. -