Minister meets with farmers on food security

Friday, July 16, 2021

Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, Thoko Didiza, has met with KwaZulu-Natal agricultural stakeholders to discuss the impact of the recent violent protests and looting of shops on food security.

In a statement on Friday, the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development said the meeting was aimed at coming up with solutions in terms of averting a shortage of food and the safe transportation of food.

“The meeting was fruitful as all stakeholders involved committed to work together with the government in responding to the challenges of the food supply chain, and access in the case of KwaZulu-Natal following widespread violent protests and looting,” the department said.

The Minister has further set up a technical team comprising experts from the industry and government to monitor the implementation of all the issues raised urgently.

The Ministers of Health, Small Business, The Presidency, Trade, Industry and Competition, and Public Enterprises also attended the meeting.

“I wish to thank all stakeholders for their continued commitment to the agricultural sector and also urge our people to be vigilant and protect both government and private infrastructure as it plays a critical role in the production and transportation of food to all citizens.

“We should also avoid panic buying in other provinces of the country so that the food supply chains can continue functioning, uninterrupted, at an appropriate pace and serve our nation’s food needs.”

She said there is sufficient food supplies in the country and the immediate problem in supply chains for KwaZulu-Natal are getting urgent attention. –