Janusz Waluz denied parole

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Justice Minister Ronald Lamola has denied Janusz Walus parole over the assassination of former South African Communist Party (SACP) leader Chris Hani.  

Walus is in prison for the planned assassination of former Secretary General of the South African Communist Party (SACP), Martin Thembisile Chris Hani, in 1993.

Walus was sentenced to death but with the death sentence declared unconstitutional, he was sentenced to life imprisonment.

In December 2019, the High Court of South Africa, Gauteng Division, ordered Lamola to reconsider within 60 days the decision taken in January 2019 by former Minister, Advocate Michael Masutha, to refuse granting of parole to offender Janusz Walus.

Lamola’s decision backed that taken by his predecessor former Minister, Advocate Michael Masutha.

The Minister said it is clear that the political assassination of the late Hani was executed with the intention to create chaos and mayhem in the country. 

“The crime was intended and had the potential to bring about a civil war within the Republic at the time. It must also be noted that Walus was convicted of murder with no extenuating circumstances having been found to be present.

“Considering this fact, placing offender Walus on parole would negate the severity that the court sought when sentencing him. With this premise, and balancing both negative and positive factors, the placement on parole for offender Walus is not approved at this stage,” said the Minister.

Factors taken into consideration

When taking this decision, Minister Lamola said he took both positive and negative factors into consideration.

Of the positive factors, the Minister said he noted Walus’ behaviour and adjustment during his incarceration, multidisciplinary programmes attended by the offender within the correctional centre among others.  

The negative factors considered include the nature and seriousness of the crime of the cold-blooded political assassination committed by the offender and the fact that the court sought to impose the severest punishment that the law permits. 

Walus has spent 27-years in prison and has made several applications to be considered for parole which were denied. – SAnews.gov.za