Government committed to economy boosting interventions

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Deputy President David Mabuza has vowed that government will continue to drive interventions aimed reviving the country’s economy.

This, he said, entails making sure that the country’s capabilities are strengthened with a focus on increasing value-addition, skills development, localisation and employment creation. 

The Deputy President made the remarks while addressing the 2019 instalment of the Mpumalanga Show on Saturday. The annual event showcases what the province has to offer in agriculture, forestry, wildlife, tourism and related sectors. 

Mpumalanga is renowned for its agricultural sector and the contribution it makes to the country’s broader economy.

“We thank all those involved in agriculture and forestry for ensuring that our country remains food secure. As we embark on the land reform programme, which has gained traction with the resolution of Parliament to amend Section 25 of the Constitution to allow for expropriation of land without compensation, we do so to ensure economic growth and continued support to farmers,” said Mabuza.

The Deputy President said agriculture continues to be a pivotal part of country’s economy.  

“Our forestry gives us timber that supports other sectors like mining, rail and road construction, housing construction, furniture manufacturing, paper and pulp, ecotourism and all other opportunities of agricultural nature.”

Mabuza warned that the country cannot afford the continued poaching of endangered species, as it robs future generations of the potential growth of tourism and their rich, natural heritage. 

“Ours is to always seek to grow the competitiveness of our economy and all the sectors being showcased here. It is in their sustainability that they will produce economic and job opportunities.

“As government, we will continue to drive interventions aimed at the diversification of our economy so that our capabilities are strengthened with a focus on increasing value-addition, skills development, localisation and employment creation,” he said. 

The Mpumalanga Show is an interactive exhibition that showcases the people, products, programmes and partnerships required to unlock economic growth and employment potential in the agriculture, forestry, tourism, wildlife and related sectors. 

Mabuza said the success of the show lies in how the organisers manage to put together a display that get the attention of key industry players and presents to the public value for money. 

“If we do this right, we will be able to develop sector networks, partnerships and business opportunities for existing and new enterprises in the entire value chain of all these sectors,” he said. 

Through this initiative, government wants to stimulate further economic growth by generating new opportunities and attracting investment. 

“This show must build a platform for sustainability of these economic sectors through growth and cohesion amongst our people, resulting in a winning nation. To the project coordinators, we are looking forward to interactive exhibitions that are empowering and inspire new ideas and opportunities. We have no doubt that this is an idea that will once more demonstrate that the people of Mpumalanga are driven by the pioneering spirit of the place of the rising sun,” said Mabuza. –