Eskom condemns employee abduction

Wednesday, March 29, 2023
Eskom Acting Group Chief Executive CEO, Calib Cassim

Eskom Acting Group Chief Executive CEO, Calib Cassim, has warned that the power utility will not tolerate acts of violence against any of its employees.

This after an Eskom employee was attacked and abducted earlier this month.

“We convey our sympathies to the employee and their family for the trauma they went through and will provide the necessary support. Eskom condemns such brutal acts and will under no circumstances tolerate any attacks on its staff members and their families by anyone,” Cassim said.

According to Eskom, the employee was dumped in the South of Johannesburg following the ordeal.

“The employee’s car was shot at multiple times, and the employee was forcefully taken by seven assailants. The employee was later released at a location in the south of Johannesburg and had to be admitted to hospital as a result of injuries sustained from being assaulted by the attackers.

“The matter is now subject to police investigation,” the power utility said. –