Condolences to Philippi blaze victims

Sunday, June 3, 2018

President Cyril Ramaphosa says the death of five boys in a blaze at Masiya informal settlement in Philippi, Cape Town, is a tragedy that brings home the dangers faced by thousands of vulnerable South Africans, especially during winter.

The five minors perished in a fire around midnight on Friday. The fire reportedly displaced 30 residents of the informal settlement.

“This tragedy touches and affects all of us as South Africans, especially as we mark Youth Month, during which our nation’s attention is focused on creating a better life for young people.

“Since 1994, government has made significant strides in the development of human settlements but tragedies such as this remind all of us of the hard work yet to be done to ensure that there is housing, security and comfort for all South Africans.

“My prayers and thoughts - and those of government and all South Africans - are directed to the families who have been affected by death and displacement at Masiya settlement. As government, we will do our best to assist the affected families. We will also work with communities to promote safety measures at a time when many families use various forms of fuel and heating to keep warm,” the President said. –