Cabinet Lekgotla underway

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Cabinet Lekgotla, which is currently underway in Tshwane, will discuss issues of the economy, education as well as infrastructure development, among other issues, says Communication Minister Ayanda Dlodlo.

She was addressing the media on Tuesday at the start of the Cabinet Lekgotla. The Lekgotla was preceded by an ordinary seating of Cabinet.

“We go on now till Friday dealing with a number of issues both in the economic areas and also in the social areas of government in terms of delivery but also in the adjustment of budget in preparation for the 2018 budget,” Minister Dlodlo said.

She said Finance Minister Malusi Gibaba will be deliberating on the recovery of the economy and the Ministers from the Economic Cluster will deal with issues of infrastructure development, as well as areas that will contribute towards the growth of the economy.

“On Friday, Cabinet will be joined by the various Premiers from all of the provinces, their Director-Generals, and the South African Local Government Association (SALGA). The meeting will take a recap of what we have discussed but also inviting input from all of the provinces because ultimately these budgets affect provinces and the local government sphere,” Minister Dlodlo said.

She said the most important thing for this government is to ensure a relationship with business that is inclusive in its nature but also ensures that the programmes that government seek to put in place that relate to radical economic transformation are prioritized and budgeted for in the next financial year.

“At the same time we also want a relationship with all stakeholders not just in South Africa, in the economic sectors to ensure that we give a positive message, unveiling to them what it is that we are talking about in cabinet to ensure that our programmes of government speak to the issues of unemployment, inequality and poverty.

“All of those issues should ultimately speak to the growth of the economy so whatever it is that we do here, will also speak to behaviour, the programmes that we have put in place, it will speak to the adjustment of the priorities including the budget to take into effect the growth of our economy,” Minister Dlodlo said. –

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