Announcements to be made on Eskom

Thursday, September 29, 2022

President Cyril Ramaphosa says announcements are expected to be made with regard to Eskom which government believes will take the power utility forward and entrench the resolve to surpass the current challenges facing it.

This as the country has been gripped by load shedding with power stations unable, due to several factors, to produce enough energy to serve the needs of the country.

The President revealed this at a Question and Answer session in the National Assembly in Cape Town.

“Load shedding continues to happen to the detriment of our economy, the detriment of our people. Nobody in the country is happy with load shedding, including myself and we are working on it…from cable theft to criminality to the age of our power stations. All that has combined to land us where we are but we are addressing the problem. Everybody is focused on it, the two ministers [Minister of Public Enterprises Pravin Gordhan and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe] are focused on it including the executives who have been put under tremendous pressure to address this.

“We are going to be making some announcements and we hope and trust and believe that that will then take us forward,” he said.

The President emphasised that the current challenges facing the state power utility were not planned and that government has always believed that load shedding would be a thing of the past at this juncture.

“[Load shedding] has not been the wilful and clearly planned intention of anyone that I work with.

“This has been a calamity of enormous proportions which we all admit. Just two weeks ago, to have almost 50% of our electricity generation capacity just collapsing is not something that was planned by the Minister or the CEO. It is just something that happened and which we are dealing with.

“Almost two months ago when I announced…the broader plan that we have, we obviously did not foresee that we would lose 50% capacity. In fact, what we had wanted to do was to add more capacity and to repair and to maintain a fleet that we have. And yes, admittedly, some mistakes that we have made along the way,” he said. –