ANC leads after 4.6 million votes counted

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pretoria - After more than 4.6 million votes being counted at the Independent Electoral Commission's results centre, the African National Congress (ANC) is still way ahead of the other parties on the leader board.

The ANC leads the 2009 General Elections nationally with 3 080 423 votes. The party is also in the lead in eight of the country's provinces.

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is second on the leader board nationally with 851 716 votes and in third place is the recently-established Cope with 367 651 votes.

The IFP is in fourth position with 130 353 votes, followed by the ID with 75 433; the UDM has 59 442 votes; while the Freedom Front Plus has 500 70.

The number of votes counted is around 18 percent of the 23,181,997 registered voters who were expected to cast their ballot in Wednesday's polls.

But it is still not known how many of the 23,181,997 registered voters turned out at polling stations.

In the provincial election results, the ANC is leading in eight out of nine provinces.

The DA was ahead in the Western Cape with 428 533 of the votes, with the ANC tailing with 226 773 votes. Cope is in third position in the province with 64 185 votes.