Ambassadors pledge to continue MaSisulu's legacy

Friday, November 23, 2018

Ambassadors of the 2018 Women of Fortitude have pledged to continue MaSisulu’s legacy of activism by offering services and skills to empower and improve the lives of people within their communities.

The ambassadors made a pledge at the launch of the MaSisulu Women of Fortitude campaign by Chairperson of the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on the centenaries of former President Nelson Mandela and Albertina Sisulu, Jeff Radebe on Thursday.

The campaign aims to encourage the current generation of young South Africans to continue MaSisulu’s legacy of activism.

The #WomenofFortitude campaign will use the stories of the past and present heroines to inspire other women to take charge of their own development, reignite passion in women of South Africa so that they recommit themselves to the values and principles of the struggle stalwart Albertina Sisulu.

During the launch, Radebe unveiled the 100 Women Ambassadors nominated to drive the campaign. The ambassadors will ensure that MaSisulu’s legacy continues and inspire other citizens.

One of the ambassadors, Nella Qata, founder of Yabasha Energy Solutions said it was a great honour to be part of the 100 Women of Fortitude.

The company offers funding to young entrepreneurs working in the clean energy space, and also assists to make the sector accessible and affordable for young people.

According to Qata, the Women of Fortitude campaign is a call for all women in their different duties and callings to come forward and see how they can transform and change lives in societies.

“I will continue my great work in terms of empowering the youth in entering the energy sector and also really reaching out to the communities that have no employment, especially the youth in rural areas and township communities.”

Inspiration to young girls

YoTV Presenter and Miss Teen Earth 2018, Kat Ncala, said she was excited to be part of the nominees because MaSisulu was a woman of passion, courage and resilience. She said everyone should follow on her footsteps.

 “She is just an inspiration to me and other young girls sitting at home. With every opportunity that is presented to me, I always strive to make it better and use it as a platform to help and inspire, and empower young people in our country.

“With this nomination I am looking to so many young women who have a huge role to play and contribution to make when it comes to society, and I will be standing up for many young women and use my programme to empower and transform the lives of young people,” Kat said.

Although the nomination came as a surprise for young Kimberly Malope, who is the current Miss Star International 2018 and a motivational speaker, she said she will use the opportunity as a platform to continue to stand up for young girls and keep them motivated.

“I’ll continue to help them reach their dreams as young girls because if you want to succeed, you have to plan. Women of Fortitude means that we are finally seeing what we, as women can do in South Africa and finally seeing what we can do when we come together, and we should always remember that there’s a MaSisulu in every person,” Kimberly said. –