Royal wedding security preparations complete

Friday, April 29, 2011

London - Security preparations for today's royal wedding of the oldest grandson of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II to his university sweetheart are nearing completion.

The Metropolitan Police, which is the police force for London, is putting 5 000 officers on royal wedding duty for the day.

Chief Inspector Jessica Wadsworth said on Wednesday that there were no signs that the royal wedding was being targeted by terrorists, but the Met Police were taking no chances.

Inspector Wadsworth said: "For an event such as this we have put a meticulous plan into operation. What we have done since the engagement announcement 22 weeks ago is plan for this day and identify any risks.

"So we have put together a robust but flexible plan that can deal with any of those risks and mitigate against them - and that includes using the skills available to us, like firearms officers."

The Met Police had not identified any specific terrorist threat against today's wedding.

Inspector Wadsworth said: "As things stand there is no specific intelligence to say there will be a threat on the day, but of course we police every day against the backdrop of a terrorist threat in London and Friday is no different. 

So, part of our planning has included contingencies against possible terrorist disruption." Britain, and especially London, has got used to being a target for terrorists. - BuaNews-Xinhua