News blackout during Greek journalists' strike to protest pay cuts

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beijing - Journalists in crisis-hit Greece have gone on strike to protest pay cuts and rising unemployment, and to press for the signing of new collective wage contracts.

The 24-hour strike stopped all TV and radio news broadcasts on Monday, while most internet news portals stopped updating content. No newspapers will be published on Tuesday.

Greece has been caught in an acute financial crisis for the past two and a half years, and is being kept solvent by international rescue loans.

In return for these bailouts, the recession-bound country has implemented hugely unpopular income cuts, and has repeatedly raised taxes.

Resentment at the austerity measures drove voters away from mainstream parties in the May 6 national elections, which resulted in a hung parliament.

New elections will be held June 17, with pro-bailout and anti-austerity parties fighting head-to-head.