Colourful ceremony draws curtains on Confeds Cup

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Johannesburg - A colourful closing ceremony of drummers, dancers and musicians drew the curtains on Sunday evening on a successful FIFA Confederations Cup, a trial run for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The breathtaking ceremony, which took place at Ellis Park Stadium before the final match between the United States and Brazil, reflected the heartfelt tribute to all the nations who have contributed and shared in the tournament's success.

The ceremony, composed by Lion King local co-producer, Lebo M, was a musical celebration of football, which honoured the participation of competing countries and acknowledged the host of the African continent, South Africa.

The ceremony flashed back to the opening of the tournament, celebrating the most memorable moments in the competition including the fans, the teams and the national enthusiasm.

The producers incorporated creative lighting to make the ceremony a spectacle of light, colour and technology.

A highlight to the show was the large ball suspended above the field of the Ellis Park Stadium that displayed the iconic images from the tournament such as the fans' passion, formidable goals and memorable saves by tournaments' star goalies.

Indeed the ceremony was a vital opportunity for South Africa to leave a lasting impression to the entire world.

The ceremony's stirring musical core was performed by 150 voices from three local church choirs, Amazwi Kantu, Soweto Melodic Voices and Sacred Heart Melodies.

Well known local musicians such Judith Sepuma, Ntando, Steven Hofmeyer and Puleng, took the lead with moving solo performances bringing the theme song to a soaring crescendo.

The artists were accompanied by 150 drummers who played out thunderous rhythms and 20 professional dancers who enliven the show.

The ceremony was produced by the VWV Consortium, which compromised of the VWV Group and Till Dawn Entertainment as well as world acclaimed associate producer, Jack Morton Worldwide.

Meanwhile, in a poignant moment after tonight's final, the great granddaughter of South African icon Nelson Mandela, Zenani, will carry the FIFA Confederations Cup trophy onto pitch and place it on the podium shortly before it is presented to the winning team.