Zuma sworn in as President of SA

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pretoria - Jacob Zuma has been sworn in as the fourth democratic President of the Republic.

He took an oath to be faithful to the Republic and obedient to the Constitution in front of Chief Justice Pius Langa, as well as millions of South Africans around the country.

Raising his right hand, President Zuma pledged to be faithful to the republic and obedient to the Constitution.

The ceremony opened with prayers from several faiths as well as a reading in Arabic from the Koran and a recitation from a traditional faith healer.

Former President Kgalema Motlanthe bestowed the National Order of Mapangubwe.

Mr Zuma swore in the presence of all assembled to be faithful to the Republic and to obey and observe the Constitution and all the laws of the Republic. He further swore to promote the Republic and to oppose all that harmed it.

He said he would do so with all his strength and talent and would be true to his conscience and do justice to all.

Mr Zuma thereafter signed the Oath of Office of State President for the Republic of South Africa.

He received a standing ovation shortly after being sworn in as President of South Africa, as the thousands gathered on the lawns sang and danced jubilantly.

The end of the proceedings was signalled by a 21-gun salute. Above Air Force jets performed a fly past leaving streams of red, blue, yellow and green smoke - the colours of the South African flag - trailing behind them

The President is expected to deliver his inaugural speech in a few moments time.