Zuma meets religious leaders

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pretoria - President Jacob Zuma says the religious formation is important in the fight against corruption in the country. 

"As we have known, fighting corruption cannot be the task of government alone. It should be the task of all South Africans in their different formations. The religious formation is an important formation to participate," said President Zuma, following his meeting with the Interfaith Leadership Council in Pretoria,

"What's going to happen is that the religious formation is going to discuss specifics as to what it will be doing in whatever way. We are happy that there is agreement that they will join hands in the fight against corruption," said President Zuma. 

"This is the first meeting with this group and we have discussed important issues, with good synergy," he said. 

Among the issues discussed was education of ordinary people, poverty, crime, corruption and issues affecting orphans.

President Zuma said the religious leaders will hold a summit soon to discuss how they will roll out their programmes further. 

"From today they (council) will be meeting and probably agree on the joint programme after the summit and also engage with other leaders because we need a united formation of religious leaders to work together with government," the President said.

Leader of Rhema Ministries South Africa, Pastor Ray McCauley, also a member of the council, said religious leaders were very encouraged by the meeting and now have a solid way forward. 

"We are initiating a group of people and a council of people who we believe that at grassroots level will be willing to get their hands dirty to do the job. 

"We will work with government in various areas and projects. Some of the issues we discussed are moral regeneration and education of our people. 

"We have also discussed issues concerning orphans as well as crime and particularly corruption. I think as we go forward we have so much on our hands," he said. 

Pastor McCauley added that the religious community would effectively work with government to address issues concerning rural communities, adding that they would also invite government on events which contributed to social cohesion and nation building.