Zuma joins in global education campaign

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Johannesburg - President Jacob Zuma, on behalf of South Africa, joined world leaders in a global campaign to support and contribute to promoting education for all children.

The 1Goal: Education for All campaign is meant to ensure that the 75 million children not in school across the globe, half of which live in Africa, get access to classrooms, teachers and proper education.

The campaign is also aimed at ensuring that the 2010 FIFA World Cup will leave a lasting legacy of education.

"The South African government remains committed in ensuring that every child received proper education which is one of the main priorities of the campaign," Zuma said, on Tuesday, joining other world leaders' messages of support for the campaign via satellite.

Zuma said it was sad that the fundamental to education was still denied to millions of children.

"We are signing up to the 1 Goal Campaign today because we believe that it is the responsibility for every government to make their commitment to tackle this indefensible.

"We support the footballers and their fans in calling on all world leaders to do their part to ensure that every child can go to school.

"We need to see action at the world cup and beyond. By acting now, together we can assure education for all," Zuma said.

The President was joined via satellite link up with leaders such as United Nations (UN) Secretary General Ban Ki Moon, United Kingdom Prime Minister Gordon Brown, United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

Heads of State agreed to spend next year working toward a breakthrough on global education funding and making education the legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in Africa and poor regions around the world.

UK Prime Minister Brown told the world that it was simply wrong for 75 million children not to have education, adding that through this campaign a difference would be made.

"On behalf of Britain I support this campaign and we will contribute 1 million Pounds to the campaign each year to ensure that every children in Africa and around the world receive primary education.

"Education is key to our campaign to change the world and I call on international leaders to come on board and join us as we pledge our support to this campaign for the best of our children," he said via satellite.

UN Secretary General also commended the campaign, saying the UN is committed to its 2014 Millennium Goal which states that by the end of 2014 every child must have primary education.

"We urge all government, international corporate and the world to support this campaign and ensure that our children receive education which is key in changing the world into a better place."

FIFA President reiterated that the 2010 FIFA World Cup represents a unique opportunity to mobilise energies around the globe to provide education and thus a better future for every child on the planet.

"This campaign should become the rallying point to concrete commitments by government, investors and individuals to be true to our values of universality and to the values of football, an amazing school of life," he said.