Zando Cape Town 10s will not reduce limited water supply

Friday, February 2, 2018

The City of Cape Town has allayed residents’ concerns that visitors making their way to the city for the Zando Cape Town 10s will deplete the city’s precious and limited water reserves.

Founded in 2008, the Zando Cape Town 10s celebrates its 10th anniversary as an award-winning multi-sport festival. 

The sports lined up for Zando Cape Town 10s 2018 include rugby, netball, pro and social beach volleyball, dodgeball, 5-a-side-hockey, 5-a-side-soccer, Ultimate ConTENder fitness challenge, and a cool fun run called ‘Run the 10s’.

“The event organiser has implemented stringent water-saving measures for the event that will not be tapping into the city’s potable water reserves. Additionally, all surplus water will be donated to the city,” the city’s Mayoral Committee Member for Assets and Facilities Management, Stuart Diamond, said.

Diamond said that the theme and campaign for this year’s Cape Town 10s event ‘#6BFORME’, is aimed at reinforcing the city’s efforts as ‘Team Cape Town, together we can defeat Day Zero.’

The campaign has been endorsed by all celebrities and sporting legends who will be leading the charge as water ambassadors.

“On behalf of the city, I would like to applaud the event organisers for their water-saving plan. This should give us all a sense of comfort knowing that visitors making their way to this event will not be tapping into our very scarce and limited water supply. 

“I encourage residents to come out in support of the event currently taking place at the Hamiltons Club in Green Point. It is an opportunity to experience first-hand how event orgnaisers are playing their part to save our precious water supply.  Our City is fortunate to attract this event which is an important catalyst and a key economic driver for investment in the local economy,” Diamond said. 

Event spokesperson Gerhardi Odendaal said: “With the endorsement of our sporting legends and celebrity ambassadors who will be wearing “#6BFORME” apparel, not only is the event aiming to be water self-sufficient but we hope to leave Cape Town with surplus water.” 

Water saving measures 

The event organiser has instituted the following pro-active decisions and campaigns to ensure a ‘zero to surplus’ effect on the city’s water resources:

  •                 Water for drinking and cooking will be brought in from outside the province;
  •                 No washing of clothes will be allowed. All washing must be taken home;
  •                 All showers in the cloak rooms will be locked and unavailable to players;
  •                 There will be no jacuzzis or splash pools as in previous years;
  •                 There will be no water misters surrounding the VIP tent or the main beer tent;
  •                 Chemical sanitation will be used and ablutions will employ the use of blowers and waterless cleaning techniques; and
  •                 With the assistance of the participating teams situated outside of the Western Cape in cooperation with Stor-age, the official event partner, participants will be bringing enough water with them to Cape Town to cover their needs during their stay. –

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