Zambia's Kaunda turns 95

Monday, April 29, 2019

President Cyril Ramaphosa has paid tribute to the former President of Zambia, Dr Kenneth Kaunda, for his selfless fight against imperialism, colonialism and apartheid.

Kaunda celebrated his 95th birthday in Lusaka on Sunday.

In a statement on Sunday, President Ramaphosa said Kaunda’s notable heroic sacrifices also contributed to South Africa’s political freedom and the emancipation of other countries in the region and beyond.

“We remain indebted to the contributions you made in your lifetime in the liberation of our country and the region. Please accept my warm personal best wishes for good health and may God Almighty continue to grant you unparalleled longevity,” President Ramaphosa said.

Born in 1924, Kaunda led Zambia's independence struggle and served as the first President of the country from 1964 to 1991. -