Youth central to Nkwinti's job creation plan

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cape Town - Rural Development Minister Gugile Nkwinti told parliament on Wednesday that his department had a vision to put one job in every rural household.

He said he wants to achieve this by investing in people's skills, especially the youth.

"Having entered into strategic partnerships such as with the Department of Higher Education and Learning, the same youth will undergo intensive preparations in running their own enterprises, thus creating sustainable jobs in their own communities," Nkwinti said, delivering his department's budget vote.

He said plans were afoot to establish an appropriate institution with the necessary resources and authority to drive rural development and land reform, adding that appropriate policy would be finalised in two years' time."The policy and legislation for the envisaged Rural Development Agency is receiving attention and shall be finalized by May 2012".

The department will also form part of the local government turn-around strategy by providing support to municipalities.

Nkwinti said the current service delivery shortcomings have compelled government to review targets and develop alternative approaches relating to restitution and redistribution programmes.