World leaders exchange views on nuclear security

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Seoul - Leaders of states and international organisations attending the Nuclear Security Summit have shared views on the nexus between nuclear security and safety on Tuesday.

The leaders emphasized the importance of nuclear safety, an issue which has become topical after the Fukushima accident of March 2011, at the same time stressing the need to enhance protective measures at nuclear facilities.

President Jacob Zuma is also attending the summit.

The leaders agreed that nuclear security and safety measures should be implemented in a coherent manner that can maximise the synergy between them.

The discussions were led by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. The luncheon discussion was successful in achieving a common understanding among the leaders on the close relationship between nuclear security and safety.

The participants agreed to continue discussions on the matter through the IAEA which has the expertise in both issues.

Two years after the first Nuclear Security Summit in Washington, leaders and representatives from over 53 nations and international institutions gathered in Seoul from March 26 - 27 to discuss the response to nuclear terrorism, protection of nuclear materials and facilities as well as prevention of illegal trafficking of nuclear materials.

However, following the nuclear accident at Fukushima, the issue of nuclear safety and radiological safety also was on the agenda.