Women must benefit from fruits of democracy

Monday, August 8, 2011

Herbon - As the country prepares for Women's Day celebrations on Tuesday, Health Deputy Minister Dr Gwen Ramokgopa has encouraged women to work hard to position themselves so they can benefit from the fruits of the country's struggle for freedom.

"As women, we need to be drivers of development, side by side with our men. We must improve the conditions of our homes, villages and communities... We have a responsibility of ensuring that we are always at the centre of progress and development," Ramokgopa said.

She reminded women that they are active participants in their own liberation and that of the country, and have a duty to defend the freedom and an obligation to work consistently and tirelessly to strengthen the ideals of a non-racial, non-sexist and democratic South Africa.

Addressing the Herbon community near Garankuwa during the launch of Bakwena Bamogopa Women Development Forum and Healthy Lifestyle Programme on Monday, Ramokgopa said government has made it its priority to involve communities and to focus on villages, townships, towns and cities. They will also work with traditional leaders, community leaders and councillors to bring services to the people.

She also urged women to be at the forefront of fighting fraud and corruption by government officials and community members.

"We must be intolerant of those in government who steal from government. It takes all of us to work together to fight corruption, which is stealing from the poor," she said.

Prior to the start of the event, Ramokgopa led a 2km walk from Mangope Highway to Bakwena Tribal Authority as part of promoting healthy lifestyles.

She encouraged the community to stay physically active.

"If you are on an electric wheelchair, have a manual wheelchair as a back up for exercising."

In assisting to fight malnutrition, Ramokgopa handed over garden tools to Lorato Primary School and urged learners to always keep their garden green.

"The brain functions better with good nutrition, with nutrition, children can achieve what they want to achieve, keep your garden green all the time," she said.