Water & Sanitation addresses irregular expenditure reports

Thursday, May 10, 2018

The Department of Water and Sanitation (DWS) says it is concerned about the story doing the rounds in media about undisclosed high irregular expenditure by the department.

“The DWS would like to put it on record that the financials that would have indicated such an escalation or even a decline are still in the process of finalisation, with the end date of 31 May 2018. 

“These financials, as would be finalised by the DWS Acting Chief Financial Officer, would then be audited accordingly by the Auditor-General’s office, which must be finalised by 31 July 2018. That process, together with the requisite engagement with the AG’s office, will indicate what the ultimate figure would be. 

“The DWS is of the opinion that all matters relating to the final outcomes of this process be articulated once the process is completed and all engagements finalised,” the Department of Water and Sanitation said in a statement. 

The department said it takes the work of the AG’s office seriously and cooperation between the DWS and the AG’s office is regarded as paramount to ensure the DWS is properly accountable to South Africans on matters involving the fiscus. – SAnews.gov.za

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