Vote where you are registered

Sunday, May 26, 2024

Millions of South Africans are expected to cast their ballots in the 7th National and Provincial Elections on Election Day on Wednesday.

The Electoral Commission (IEC), which has successfully completed overseas voting, will from Monday start to service South Africans who have qualified for special votes. Special votes will take place on 27 and 28 May, from 9am to 5pm.

Election Day, which has been declared a public holiday, will take place on 29 May.

The Electoral Commission has reminded South Africans to cast their ballots to vote where they are registered.

“The commission takes this opportunity to remind voters that they can only vote at voting districts where they are registered. The only voters who may vote outside their voting districts on 29 May are those who have notified the commission, within the period 15 March to 17 May 2024 as stipulated in the Election Timetable, that they would be away from their designated districts and wished to change their voting location.

“According to Section 24 (a) of the Electoral Amendment Act, a voter may vote outside of the voting district where registered but needs to notify the Electoral Commission before Voting Day during the period specified in the Election Timetable,” said the commission in a statement.

Voters voting in the province where they are registered will receive three ballot papers - the national, regional and provincial ballot papers. However, if they vote outside their registered province, they will only be eligible to vote in the national ballot paper.

Voting on Election Day will take place from 7am until 9pm. The commission assured citizens that no eligible voter will be turned away and that every voter in a queue by 9pm will be assisted.

“The Electoral Commission reiterates the call on all voters to check where they are registered to vote, and to bring their identity documents with when voting.”

Voters can check their registration details and confirm the location of their correct voting stations ahead of Election Day by using the following channels:

  • SMSing their ID number to 32810
  • 0800 11 8000
  • WhatsApp ‘Hi’ to 0600 88 0000

Voters who successfully applied to vote at another voting station must take the added step of checking their voting location at or on the confirmation notification, as this information will not appear on their registration status.

“We encourage all 27.7 million registered voters to come out in their numbers and cast their ballots in these historic elections in the 30th anniversary of South Africa’s electoral democracy. Exercising your vote is your right and your civic duty,” said the IEC. -