Vote and have a say in the country's future

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Cabinet has called on all eligible South Africans, especially young first time voters, to exercise their right to vote in the upcoming national and provincial elections.

Citizens have been called on to have a say in the future of the country.

“In South Africa, the right to vote is a culmination of years of struggle for our freedom. It came at a huge cost with countless of our country men and women sacrificing their lives,” said Cabinet in a statement on Thursday.

The statement follows the Cabinet meeting in Cape Town on Wednesday.

President Ramaphosa has officially proclaimed and gazetted the 8 May 2019 as the date for the national and provincial elections.

This means the voters’ roll is now officially closed and people will no longer be able to register to vote in the May elections.

The President has also declared 8 May 2019 as a public holiday throughout the country. –