Uni-visa for 2010?

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Johannesburg - Home Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma has hinted at the idea of introducing a uni-visa for visitors who will be coming to South Africa for next year's FIFA World Cup.

However, she was quick to point out that the possibility of such a visa will need support from other African countries.

Dlamini Zuma said a uni-visa would not only make life convenient for the soccer supporters but will allow them an opportunity to visit other African countries as and when they want during their stay in South Africa. Discussions were underway to see if the system could be in place when the World Cup kicks-off in June.

The minister was speaking after her meeting with Business Unity South Africa (Busa) on Friday.

Dlamini Zuma described her meeting with Busa as "significant" adding that the business sector needed to come on board to ensure the success of the department's turn around strategy. "I said right from the beginning that Home Affairs will never be able to turn around without the partnership of the rest of the population."

The department is important for the success of business so it would be unwise of the sector to turn a blind eye on the problems in the department, added Dlamini Zuma.

"I'm happy this meeting took place because I think we are going to have good things in terms of working together," she said.

Busa President Brian Molefe urged South Africans to rally behind Home Affairs saying the department has achieved a lot since the introduction of the turn around strategy. "There is no doubt that a lot of good is happening but is not reported in the media," Molefe said.

During an interaction with journalists, Dlamini Zuma also expressed her department's concern at the UK's visa policy for South Africans visiting that country. It also emerged that SA diplomats were not excluded from the policy.

"They (UK) said it is just policy once they introduce a visa they do it across the board," Dlamini Zuma said.