Transnet investigates 'ghost trains'

Tuesday, March 28, 2023

State freight rail, port and pipeline company Transnet says it has launched a probe into allegations of “ghost trains” operating on its lines.

These are trains which have not been authorised to operate on the company’s rail lines.

“Transnet SOC…is investigating allegations of “ghost trains”, implicating some Transnet employees and third parties.

“Ghost trains” are trains not scheduled formally by Transnet, with revenue not flowing back to Transnet. Considering that these serious allegations have not yet been accompanied by supporting evidence, Transnet has referred the allegations for independent investigation,” the company said.

Transnet added that investigators will be collecting statements from “whistle-blowers, implicated persons and relevant customers” in the course of the investigation.

“To the extent that the allegations are proven correct, Transnet will act swiftly. In advance, we appreciate the transparent collaboration of all involved. Any further updates will be provided at the appropriate time,” Transnet said. –