Tourism chapter to digitalize tourism

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

A digitally savvy business model from the North West Women in Tourism Chapter is to be rolled out in other provinces, the Department of Tourism has announced.

The initiative by the North West Department of Tourism and the North West University (NWU) exposes enrolled trainees in the tourism sector to various IT courses which in turn enables them to enhance their businesses.

The NWU provides the training on a number of programmes on social media, awareness and online presence as well as creating a database for their trade. 

Trainees are now able to use different platforms such as YouTube and Facebook which has contributed to good development of tourism operations owned by women around the province.

The decision to replicate the model in other chapters forms part of the resolutions of the 5th Annual Women in Tourism Conference which recently took place in Rustenburg.

Deputy Minister Thabethe expressed her satisfaction of notable efforts made by stakeholders in the province which enabled the women in tourism forum to embrace technology in order to grow the sector.

“North West is a very good example of how an IT programme can work remarkably for your business. They have invented a website which is also accessible through an app, for the women’s chapter.

“The department and the university did an incredible job in taking them through training on how they can simplify technology and use it to their benefit and I would encourage the other chapters to follow suit. You can start here at the conference, reach out to the relevant people and get the ball rolling,” said Deputy Minister Thabethe.

The North West Department of Tourism welcomed the extension of the programme. 

“As a department we pride ourselves by being trendsetters and being acknowledged by the National Department, also inspiring other provinces is a great achievement. When we approached the university, we were excited and anticipated that this project would exceed expectations,” said Chief Director for Tourism Growth, Development and Transformation, Sarah Manone.

“It was important for us to invest in something that speaks to the empowerment of women, who in this industry were previously disadvantaged, so that they too can get a piece of the pie,” added Manone.

The National Women in Tourism Conference was established in 2013 and provides a platform for women across the country in the tourism sector to encourage discussion around accelerating economic empowerment and progression.

It also aims to expand the role of women in the tourism sector as well as exploring business opportunities to advance women entrepreneurs and job creation. -