Support the #100MenMarch

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

As marchers gather for today’s #100MenMarch in Pretoria, Government Communication and Information System (GCIS) acting Director-General Phumla Williams has urged more people to support the cause. 

The march will proceed from Kgosi Mampuru and Madiba streets at 10am and end on the southern lawns of the Union Buildings. 

Men from various sectors of society, including government, business, labour, faith-based organisations, non-profit and media organisations, who are marching against the abuse of women and children, have started arriving. 

“Today is the day when peace-loving men are coming out and saying: ‘This is not going to happen in our name’. We are quite excited that women are also coming through to say: ‘We are coming to support the cause’,” Williams said on Tuesday morning.

“We believe that not all men abuse us and that’s why we are all coming here,” she said.

She has encouraged people to come out in their numbers. 

“We are encouraging more people to come through. The sooner we all partner in this war, of stopping gender-based violence, we will conquer as a nation. We call on all men, who can be able to join us, to join us. We call on all women, who can join us, to join us as well. As you can see, it’s only 8 o’clock and you can see the numbers.”

She added that the campaign sought to spread that gender-based violence would not be tolerated by government. 

“You who is an abuser, it’s not too late to go out and get help. You, as a woman, in distress, it’s not too late. We are partnering with a lot of NGOs that in this space that are out there to help men who are battling with their anger issues and we are saying to them: 'Come out. Even beyond today, we will be putting out a lot of information on our website to help those who want to get rid of this habit of seeing women as their victims,'” Williams said. –