Suppliers warned of fraudulent purchasing orders

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pretoria - The Department of Health and Social Development in Limpopo has warned all suppliers not to render services without having the original purchasing order and personally verify the order with the department.

This follows complaints from several companies that the department was failing to pay them for services rendered.

Department spokesperson, Phuti Seloba, said these companies allegedly received calls from an official by the name of Mr Rapetsoa who is attached to the department in office B30.

Apparently the official approaches the companies inviting them to bid for the supply of adult diapers and various goods at various departmental institutions.

"Once the companies have sent through their quotations, the official will ask for a fax number that he will then use to send the fraudulent official purchase order. After having faxed the fraudulent official purchase order, it is alleged that the official will then advise the awarded company to approach another company which is alleged to have a standing contract with the department as a supplier and can help fast track the supply since the goods are in urgent need," said Seloba.

He added that the said company would then, upon verbal agreement, request them to deposit half of the quoted amount before it delivers the goods to the institution as per the fraudulent official purchasing order.

"Thus far the department [has] received 12 fraudulent official purchase orders which the suppliers claim to have deposited the requested amounts of money," said Seloba.