Sunward Park High changes face of learning

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pretoria - Sunward Park High School in Boksburg has become the first public school to transform learning into a fully digital platform.

Deputy Minister of Basic Education Enver Surty officially launched an E-learning Project during a ceremony held at the school on Tuesday to celebrate the conversion to a full digital learning and teaching platform.

The school has made a full conversion into e-learning and teachers. More than 1 200 learners from Grade 8-12 will use this digital educational platform to simply log on to the school portal and download the textbooks specific to that grade and subject.

The school piloted the project in September 2012 under the guidance of Deputy Principal Enoch Thango, in partnership with MIB Technologies.

At the start of the school calendar in 2013, the entire school, from Grade 8 to 12, began using the e-learning tools.  A comprehensive portal with massive learning and teaching resources has been made available.

Surty congratulated the School Governing Body and parents for preparing the school for the 21st century and threw his weight behind the project.

“Embrace the resources, take good care of them and indeed, make good use of resources,” Surty urged learners and teachers.

During a live presentation, Thango gave the audience a taste of how the technology functions. 

MIB Technologies Sales and Marketing Director, Reetesh Rajkumar, said they saw the combination of government and private partnership as the catalyst that would make a positive impact.

“MIB shares your feelings in making an impact on our education system. We are willing to share, discuss, enlighten, collaborate and consult with all of you here today in making this impact a positive one,” said Rajkumar.

The Department of Basic Education has made great strides in broadening access to ICT for all schools across the country and in so doing, has begun to bridge the digital divide.

The Khanya Project in the Western Cape and the Gauteng Online project, in support of the implementation of technologies in schools, are projects that stand as beacons that pave the way to realising the full potential of e-learning.

On 5 March 2013, the department officially opened the Vhembe ICT Centre in Limpopo, which reaffirms the department’s commitment to incorporating ICT into learning and teaching. –