Summit to mobilise youth against crime

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

The South African Police Service is to host a Youth Crime-prevention Summit to empower young people to become self-sufficient and support crime-prevention initiatives.

The summit, which will be held at the St Georges Hotel in Irene, Pretoria from Wednesday to Friday, coincides with the commemoration of Youth Month as the country journeys to a safer South Africa through the participation of youth.

According to SAPS, the youth crime prevention is a strategic and operational response to youth criminality, where young people are the victims and the perpetrators of crime.

“It is also a platform to trigger legislative development and policy review to reinforce protection for the youth as a high-risk sector of the community. The focus is youth development as a long-term objective through enhanced economic participation, coordinated mentorship and life-coaching programmes,” SAPS said on Monday.

The Youth Crime Prevention Summit will also strategically lay the foundation for developing and implementing the junior community safety fora programmes through consolidation of provincial, district and local municipality safety plans.

These would also incorporate and complement the ideals of spatial development, infrastructure development plans and crime prevention through environmental design, reclaiming of public spaces and moral regeneration.

The other related programmes include modus operandi analysis research, community values and education awareness outreach programmes, school and campus safety, establishing a young parolees organisation and related profiles for dedicated and specific youth crime prevention and social intervention initiatives. –