Steady progress in vote counting

Friday, May 10, 2019

The Electoral Commission (IEC) passed the 90% results capture mark at 10H30 today, with results from 20 632 of the 22 924 voting stations captured. Of these, 18 773 (81.89%) had been finalised.

Leading the way in capturing results was the Northern Cape, where results for all 707 voting stations had been captured, followed by the Western Cape (98.6%), North West (99.4%), Mpumalanga (99%) and Eastern Cape (97.59%).

Provinces with the most results still awaiting capture were Gauteng (81.99% captured), Limpopo (82% captured), Free State (82.93% captured) and KwaZulu-Natal (83.56% captured).

Of the 13 million votes captured by 10H30, 453 265 (3.47%) were special votes and 179 511 (1.37%) were spoilt ballots.

Based on the results captured to date, voter turnout was sitting at 65.52% nationally, with the highest turnout reported in Gauteng (71.89%) and the lowest in Limpopo (58.77%). –