Stage 2 load shedding on Thursday night

Thursday, January 30, 2020

Eskom says it will be implementing Stage 2 load shedding on Thursday evening due to system constraints and depleted emergency resources.

The load shedding will be implemented from 9pm this evening to 6am tomorrow morning.

“We have been using pumped storage schemes and open cycle gas turbines extensively over the past few days in order to supplement capacity, and we need to replenish these overnight,” said the utility in a statement.

Eskom said the risk of Stage 2 load shedding remained for Friday and into the weekend.

Unplanned outages were slightly reduced at 12 683 MW as at 1:30pm this afternoon.

“We unreservedly apologise to South Africans for the negative impact this may have on them.

“We want to assure the nation that we continue to work tirelessly to bring back online units that experienced breakdowns. Keeping generation units outages below 9 500 MW is part of a plan to manage our ageing fleet and bring stability back into the power system,” said Eskom.

Customers are advised to check their load shedding schedules on the Eskom or municipal websites depending on who supplies them. –