Sport emblem changes guided by protocol

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pretoria - The Tshwane Sport Council can make changes to colours and emblems of sports structures but it must follow democratic protocols and established conventions, says the Department of Sport and Recreation.

The department released a statement clarifying the issue after a disagreement between the newly established council and some of representatives of sport structures in Pretoria over proposed changes of emblems and colours.

"Changes do take place with respect to colours and emblems of sports structures, but they must follow democratic protocols and established conventions," the department said on Friday.

The department, which regulates national colours and symbols, explained that it was up to sport structures through consultation to decide on provincial or regional colours and symbols.

This applies to local clubs as well as sport franchises.

The city's sports council is considering proposals to change the region's traditional sporting symbol and colours.

Five proposals, all incorporating the colours white, black, yellow and green, have already been tabled before all representative sports teams in the region. Pretoria-based teams traditionally wear light blue with the Barberton daisy as their emblem.

However, civil rights organisation AfriForum has said it will take the matter to court on behalf any sport code that opposes the council's proposals.

The department further said that with respect to representative teams (district, regional, metro, and provinces), structures and stakeholders (federations) in the area decide after a democratic consultative process on their colours and symbols.

"If Tshwane wants to decide on colours and symbols for Tshwane representative teams, they must follow the above processes. We trust that this will guide sports formations and the public," the department said.

According to the council no decision has been taken and the sports bodies had been asked for proposals and a decision will be taken at a council's special general meeting in April.