Sowetans flock voting stations with renewed optimism

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Sowetans young and old have expressed optimism at the positive future prospects presented by casting their votes during today’s 2019 National and Provincial election.

Dozens of residents in the townships have since this morning been flocking to voting stations. Issues of unemployment, service delivery, quality education and crime was high up on the agenda of most residents and were hopeful the sixth administration would attend to these.

Grace Rhangani, a 20 year-old first time voter in Chaiwelo, said she was excited at future prospects and the power of her vote. With her vote, she said, she was expecting to see change in her life and that of the community.

“I’m expecting more on youth development. We need to learn skills, different kinds of skills that will help the country eliminate youth unemployment,” she said. 

The high rate of unemployment causes crime levels to rise in the communities, she said. 

Pat Ndou, also in Chaiwelo, said he spent almost an hour in the queue waiting to vote but said the wait was worth it. Even though government has made some inroads in addressing service delivering issues, more needed to be done. 

“We need to see change so we can all be fine. I’m happy with how the process went; it was alright,” he said. 

An excited Nancy Khoza emphasised the need for the incoming administration to prioritise the provision of jobs and curbing of crime in the country.

“I’m super excited that I’ve managed to cast my vote. I didn’t expect to find such long queues here. I’m happy and I’m now just waiting for the outcome,” she said. 

In Braamfischer, Seena Seloa was relieved to have cast her ballot just before 9am after having been in the snaking line since 5am.

“I thought I was early but I found people already in the queue since 3am. We’ve been waiting at the gate since then until the gate opened at 7.30am,” she said. 

Of her expectations, she said, she wanted the incoming government to work on improving the lives of the poor as well as providing much needed jobs.

“Government should develop this country. The community should receive quality services for ourselves, our children and grandchildren,” she said. -