South Africans lets unite! - Zuma

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pretoria - South Africa's fourth democratically elected President has called on South Africans to unite and move forward decisively together in a time of renewal for the country.

Addressing the nation from a podium at the Union Buildings, shortly after being inaugurated as the President of the country, the new leader held a hand out to the nation saying: "Let us build a nation that remains forever mindful of its history, of those who have sacrificed so much, and the many who put down their lives so we can be here today.

"A nation filled with the laughter and joy of children.

"A nation filled with a hope born of the knowledge that if we work together, we will achieve our dreams. "

In a moving speech, the new President told South Africans this was "a moment of renewal."

Heavy rains that pounded over Pretoria this morning, upheld the symbolism of cleansing and a renewal for the nation. Almost symbolically, the heavy rains subsided and a light sun shone through a clear blue sky as the day's proceedings began.

The new President called on South Africans to come together with government to build a society that prizes excellence and rewards effort and which shuns laziness and incompetence.

Addressing not only the thousands of people congregated at the Union Buildings, to witness his
inauguration, but the millions watching the historic moment at home and the world over, the new president said "we must build a society that draws on the capabilities, energy and promise of all its people."

Describing the moment of rebirth for the country, he indicated it was an opportunity to rediscover, that which binds South Africans together as a nation.

He said unity throughout the nation should be a priority for all sectors.

Despite vastly different experiences, of divergent interests, with widely different views, South Africans, he said, shared a common desire for a better life.

"We share a common conviction that never shall we return to a time of division and strife.

"From this common purpose we must forge a partnership for reconstruction, development and progress," he told the gathering, which included presidents and delegates from around the world.