South Africans convey words of wisdom to Zuma

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Pretoria - If given the opportunity to speak to President-elect Jacob Zuma today, thousands of South Africans would convey messages on how the new president should run the country.

BuaNews asked some members of the crowd, who are thronging the southern lawns of the Union Buildings, what advise will they give Mr Zuma ahead of his inauguration.

"I will ask the President to look after the poorest of the poor, build more houses and create more jobs," said a thrilled Jane Mkhonzo, 23, from Themba, Hammanskraal.

She said this was her first time to witness an inauguration of a President. "I have always wanted to be part of the masses witnessing this celebratory event," she said.

Ms Mkhonzo is one of the thousands of South Africans who are looking forward to good governance and prosperity in the country.

For Jacob Mulenzana, 46, from Esikhawein in Kwazulu-Natal, the new government must ensure that poverty is eradicated, crime is combated and that people live in peace and harmony.

He told BuaNews that if given an opportunity to speak to Mr Zuma, he will ask him to look after the people in the rural areas and ensure that they have access to clean water and good health facilities.

"Government must also create opportunities for young people and there should be more jobs," he said.

Pensioner Ntombizodwa Maqeqe, 71, from Taung in the North West province said she would tell Mr Zuma to take care of the senior citizens and increase their grants.

"I wish President-elect, Jacob Zuma could live longer and change people's lives for the better," she said.

While waiting for the arrival of the Heads of State and important officials at the Union Buildings, the crowds at the southern lawns are being entertained by various traditional dancers.