South Africa committed to lowering carbon emissions

Thursday, June 1, 2023

South Africa will continue to pursue its commitment towards lowering carbon emissions in a just manner while resolving the energy crisis.

This is according to President Cyril Ramaphosa who was addressing the National Assembly during the Budget Vote of The Presidency.

President Ramaphosa said government remains committed to reducing carbon emissions by 2030 in line with global commitments to limit global temperature increase.

“We need to do this to prevent the worst effects of climate change, including illness, droughts, floods and other disasters. We also need to protect jobs in sectors of our economy that have to decarbonise to remain globally competitive.

“Where it may be necessary to delay the decommissioning coal-fired power stations temporarily to address our electricity supply shortfall, any decision will be informed by a detailed technical assessment of the feasibility of continuing to operate older plants and the cost of doing so relative to alternative energy sources,” he said.

The transition from a high carbon emitting economy to a low carbon economy is expected to have a negative impact on some 100 000 jobs in the mining sector alone.

However, government has committed to a Just Energy Transition which will leave no community behind.

In this regard, President Ramaphosa said expected growth in the renewable and alternative energy sector is expected to bring new investments and new jobs.

“Viewed in totality, the Energy Action Plan is a springboard to a just energy transition, boosting the rollout of renewable energy sources, mobilising significant investment and creating new jobs in sectors from electric vehicles to solar installation,” he said. –