Six suspects arrested for human trafficking

Friday, February 2, 2024

A multi-disciplinary team consisting of various units within the South African Police Service (SAPS), led by the Anti-Kidnapping Task Team, has arrested six suspects on suspicion of human trafficking and kidnapping in Mayfair, Johannesburg.

The six men are expected to face charges of human trafficking, sex trafficking, kidnapping and extortion. They are expected to appear before court today.

Two Indian women, aged between 20 and 24 years, have since been rescued.

The team, consisting of private security, received intelligence on a Johannesburg-based human trafficking network preying on Indian women.

The women were allegedly enticed to the country with false promises of employment. Upon arrival, they were kept against their will, offered to clients leading to sexual encounters.

On Wednesday, members operationalised information and pounced on an identified address and a commercial site.

The members seized an array of cellphones, numerous documents, including passports and cash, for further investigation. Investigations are continuing. –