Save money, renew car licence at the post office

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

The South African Post Office (Sapo) has encouraged motorists to renew their annual car licences at its branches, as it saves customers money, since they do not charge commission for the service.

“The benefit of renewing your car licence at a post office branch is that there is no extra commission at all, unlike shops that queue on behalf of the customer.  You also receive your new licence immediately; there is no need for a second trip to collect the new licence – another time saver,” Sapo said on Wednesday.

The post office said renewing the car licence at its branches would be quick and affordable. 

“When you renew your car licence at a post office, you need to present your identity document and a completed renewal form. The form can be downloaded from the post office website and completed in advance. It also saves time if you hand in a copy of your identity document,” Sapo said.

Vehicles that are registered in KwaZulu-Natal need to provide proof of address that is not older than three months.

“This is because KwaZulu-Natal registration numbers indicate the town where the vehicle is registered. For fleet owners post office offers a bulk renewal service – another time saver. 

“The fleet owner pays the licences by EFT, and does not need to leave his or her desk to do the renewal. If you are interested in using this service, speak to your nearest post office or send an email to,” Sapo said.

The post offices website lists the branches that offer the vehicle renewal service: